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Our missiles in the battle of innovation

One could say we are a DAO, but without all the buzz and hype.

In fact, we are probably what DAOs could become eventually — fully functional collectives with the shared vision, passion, and principles, where responsibility, accountability, gains, and profits for the work done are shared among team members, rather than just a few at the top.

One way or the other, we are an open collective that invites people who share an enthusiasm for technology and innovation to join our distributed team. The only thing we are not looking for at 3327 are middlemen of all kinds.

By now, you are either in or out.
What’s your choice?


Learn, experiment and grow with us
Apply by sending a link to your CV, what drives you, and what got you excited about 3327 via a message at 3327.eth on Rinkeby Testnet.
Don’t forget to mention the position you are applying for. ;)


We are looking for an intellectually curious, innovation-driven individual interested in both - researching and building new products and ideas.

As a front-end developer in our R&D department, your activities will spread from learning and researching new technologies and ideas to turning them into Proof of Concept solutions.

Experience, skills & qualifications:
  • Strong proficiency in React and ES6 (Typescript is a big plus)
  • Excellent understanding of Javascript Web3 libraries like ethers.js
  • Excellent understanding of libraries for connecting wallets with the UI
  • Excellent understanding of UI state management (for example Redux), function components and hooks
  • Ability to write tests (for example Cypress, JEST)
  • Familiarity with Web3


  • Good technological background
  • Fast learner
  • Team player
We would love it if you had:
  • Understanding of Solidity
  • Proficiency in GraphQL
  • Proficiency in Vue.js

Domain Specific Contribution

We support the teams and individuals building solutions for the web of tomorrow.
We educate them on business financial literacy by providing the main source of funding from our treasury and keeping the individual or team accountable for the money, which needs to be spent wisely and responsibly.

However, this also allows us to look for investment opportunities as well as partner up with other teams.
What we are interested in:

→ Cryptography
→ Blockchain protocols
→ Decentralized applications
→ Developer Tooling
→ NFTs
→ DeFi

What we expect from you:

→ Well thought out proposal
→ Team capable of developing your idea

Application process:
1st step: Fill out the form
2nd step: Interview
3rd step: Final decision
What to expect in return:

→ Financial support up to X USDT
→ Network support

Open for everyone, all year round.


You prefer other types of engagement?
You are not available or interested in full-time engagement, but you would still like to do something with us? Don’t worry. We are not just another old-school boring company. There is a place for you at 3327.
Even though we enjoy having like-minded people around us all the time, we believe that the future of work is quite different.

It is more liquid, flexible, and oriented towards human needs, meaning that it is up to each individual to choose where and when they will be working, on which projects, and with what kind of intensity.
We want to encourage that change now, so we are open to different types of contributions: project-based, part-time, or full-time.

The only thing that matters is finding the right match that works for both parties. That way, we can be sure our collaboration is going to be fruitful.
If you are more interested in part-time or project-based work, ​​contact us by sharing what kind of projects you would like to work on and what got you excited about 3327.


Come hack with us!
Once in a while, we gather and organize hackathons with the help of our community. Nothing fancy and loud — we just schedule a date and choose a topic.
The primary goal is to learn new things together and enjoy the process of doing it. Plus, this is a perfect chance for you to meet some of our collective members and work with us at least for a day.

Previous Hackathons




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August 1, 2021




July 1, 2021




April 1, 2021

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Propose a subject

Help us organize the next hackathon by proposing a subject or problem to be solved.
We will take care of the rest — invite and gather the people, provide awards, and find appropriate jury members based on the topic provided.