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to move forward boldly to move forward boldly

to move forward boldly to move forward boldly

3327 is an open and distributed collective of individuals that share the vision, principles, and passion for experimenting with the cutting-edge tech of the future.

The core members of the collective are our leading stars. Besides them, our alumni members and other contributors continually ensure that we have the knowledge, expertise, and practice needed to keep working on the wide variety of Web3 projects.

Where No R&D Has Gone Where No R&D Has Gone

Where No R&D Has Gone Where No R&D Has Gone

Core Members

3327 core members are proactive and fully autonomous, meaning they do most of the innovation in-house. They have the desire to obtain new knowledge and share everything they learn and do with others.
Though they are not experts in everything they do, they are certainly nailing one specific domain of expertise. As the Web3 industry evolves, they enjoy keeping up with all the developments because it allows them to stay on the edge of innovation.
Marija Mikić
Aleksandar Veljković


As fervent believers in liquid work and people’s right to choose what they want to work on, besides our core full-time members, we gather and collaborate with other like-minded individuals and teams.
They come with different sets of expertise and interest, but with one thing in common — the desire to learn new things and experiment.
Milan Pavlović
Marko Prljić
Matej Jelić
Petar Popović
Čedomir Rackov
Lena Pucarević
Lav Leon Hudak
Filip Ognjanović
Djordje Dubovina
Luka Jevremović


Being part of the MVP Workshop ecosystem means a direct approach to top-notch companies and people in different areas of Web3. Perfect example are our alumni members. They provide significant support and contribution to the 3327 core team.
So far people have been joining our collective, leaving, coming back, and leaving again. It is a continuous flow since people's needs and desires change. However, everyone who has left has one thing in common — their desire to stay involved with 3327. That has resulted in a strong network of our alumni members, whom we are consulting and working with on a regular basis.
Uroš Kukić
Andrija Raičević
Miloš Bojinović
Vladimir Lelićanin
Dragana Koprivica
Miloš Živković
Ivor Jugo
Vuksan Simunović
Igor Jakarić
Filip Pajić
Aleksandar Damjanović
Andrej Rakić
Marija Mijailović
Miloš Novitović

Together is better Together is better

Together is better Together is better

Meet Us at Conferences

Let’s hang out!
We love to travel, hang out, and meet in person. That is why we regularly take part in all major conferences, especially the ones with the main focus on BUIDLing.
Below you will find the conferences we plan to visit in the coming months. Drop us a message if our paths are crossing and let’s hack & party together!


Dappcon provides the opportunity for co-creating the future of dapps while engaging the community in open critical discussions and experiential learning.


Berlin. Germany


September 12 - 14


Devcon is an Ethereum conference for developers, researchers, thinkers, and makers.


Bogota, Colombia


October 11-14

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There’s No Community Without You
We’ve bootstrapped the 3327 community to gather and stay in touch with the people interested in Web3 in general, as well as in what we do.
This helps us validate ideas, get different opinions and approaches to solving challenges — occasionally, it even helps us onboard new members to the collective.
Join the Discord server to receive important information about our future projects and initiatives, meet the crew, and share your ideas.

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