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The shortcut to innovation is mixing technology and art

3327 NFTs

Technology at the service of the art and digital ownership
By securing uniqueness and authenticity, allowing the artist to receive royalties for future trades, eliminating the middleman, and much more, NFT technology brings new opportunities and pushes the boundaries of digital art.
Led by our admiration for Nikola Tesla and the perks of NFT technology, we have already done a couple of experiments in the field. Check out the beautiful and eye-catching results below:

The idea behind this 10-part artwork series is to show Nikola Tesla in a close, unusual, and kind of weird setup where “old meets new” and “history meets the future,” together with some of the celebrities and important figures from the last century.

Each team member within the team has been given the task to come up with a single figure/person (not knowing about this outcome) that they like for any particular reason. It could be a philosopher, musician, businessman, entrepreneur, actor, influencer — or pretty much anything else.

Once they named the person, one of our illustrators came up with these 10 unique works of art, putting Nikola and the influential figures in the joint activity. We could see them spending time on Venice Beach, in front of the CBGBs, in jail, at a standup show, playing a DJ set, or just protesting and dancing in the name of progressive change.

Web3 is all about that, and at 3327, we try to push the boundaries of what's possible today.


Nikola Tesla envisioned and established an ancient but novel exploratory remote transmission station (1901–1917), otherwise known as the Tesla (Wardenclyffe) Tower.

The tower showed a lot of promise, and it was expected to become a cutting-edge universal telecommunication system. Had the Tesla Tower been completely constructed without any interruption, Nikola might have managed to change the course of history once again.

To celebrate the greatest geek who has ever lived, we organized an illustration challenge. Illustrators and collagists from all over the world contributed to this collection. The idea was to portray Tesla Tower as a futuristic 3327 R&D laboratory, in which we would conduct research, design, and develop engineering innovations.

There are a bunch of easter eggs on each of the concepts portrayed in this collection, but that's up to you to find and explore! There are 5 copies in supply for every illustration, so each NFT is mintable for 5 lucky collectors.


push the boundaries push the boundaries

push the boundaries push the boundaries

CALL FOR Artists

Would you love to illustrate something 3327-related?
We will pay you to do so. We’ll make sure to add your wallet address to the royalty fees so that you can earn a percentage of NFT sales whenever someone buys one of your creations. How dope is that?

Contact us with your illustration idea concept and we will gladly sign off on the budget necessary for making it happen.
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Remember, 3327, Web3, and Tesla’s work are the themes we would like to explore creatively further. Tesla riding a T-Rex throwing lightning bolts around? We did that one too, so there’s literally no bad idea.
Sky is the limit.