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R&D digital collective working on cutting edge web3 technologies

3327 is an open, distributed, and autonomous collective. Some may call it a DAO, but we tend to say we are already past that point.

Psssst, did you know that there’s also room 3328, which Tesla later occupied as well?

Look around the site for it, and you may find something special.
3327 | Web3 R&D digital collective

It is a celebration of the greatest geek who ever lived. Our collective is named after the NYC hotel room where Nikola Tesla spent his last decade, working on his crazy, bold, and progressive innovations.

At 3327, one of our strategy pillars is to encourage innovation for the future generations in the region where Tesla (Nikola, not the thing you are driving) was born and raised. Our bet is Web3 — and we think Tesla would most certainly place that one as well.

open your minds open your minds

open your minds open your minds


Why do we need 3327 in web3?

We firmly believe that the Web3 stack can bring positive and potentially disruptive change to the world. It will achieve this by improving current technological systems and reinventing the way in which people make and exchange value over the Internet.

Frankly, we believe it can even push past this, — after all that’s why we’ve gathered this collective: to explore the uncharted territories.

Let’s face it — there are plenty of those shiny apps that are pursuing product-market fit and not enough open communities for engineers and researchers, where they could join and collaborate without constant delivery and shipment pressure from tech giants, companies, or the clients (who are probably nudging you as you’re reading this).

3327 | Web3 R&D digital collective


How do we do things at 3327?

Have an Even Bigger Vision of Tomorrow

Ever since he was a child, Tesla used to dream of harnessing the power of Niagara Falls. In fact, one of his first projects in school was to build a working model of a water turbine.

Even at that age, he had a big and bold vision. He did not want to settle for anything less, as he knew that there’s always something beyond what anyone could ever imagine, himself included. Today, there is a statue of Tesla on Goat Island overlooking Niagara falls, as a testament to his ability to make the impossible happen.

Just like Nikola, we believe that it is mandatory to think beyond the technological advancements and tools we have at our disposal today if we are to keep humanity exploring and imagining what the world could look like. 

Okay, we (a minority of us, but still) are already living in the Web3 world, but what’s beyond that is what keeps us fueled. We always dream of a better tomorrow — that is why, once we wake up, we make sure to do the things that bring us closer to what we thought was impossible just the night before.


Playfulness & Exploration Take Priority

Nikola lost the ​​financial backing he had got from Morgan back in 1901, as the financier felt he couldn’t profit from Tesla’s wireless electricity concept.

Since Nikola desperately wanted to build an innovation lab, he even sold all of his assets to make up for dual foreclosures on Wardenclyffe. He was always a builder, and not so much of a businessman — although, he did enjoy his craft the most.

Tesla lived during the time when the world demanded tangible results that were practical and profitable. We probably still live in that same world, so we are lucky to be backed by a few different organizations, including MVP Workshop, with no strings attached. By managing our own treasury through secured funds and grants, we are able to explore tech breakthroughs without stressing over the bills.

For such a business model to work, it’s important to gather like-minded folks passionate about tech, researching, learning, and sharing new ideas. Ambition, desire to act, and autonomy are the strengths we are looking for in our core team players. There are no business-related roles in this collective — as we’ve said, business comes second at 3327, like it or not.


Quiet the Mind and Spend Time in Solitude

The mind is sharper and keener in uninterrupted solitude. You don’t need a big laboratory to put on your thinking cap.

Originality thrives in seclusion, while we are free of outside influences beating upon us and crippling the creative mind. As Nikola said, "Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born.

It is much harder to find solitude in today’s world of constant buzz. The attention-seeking working environment — tons of meetings, messages, and notifications — is something we’ve got so used to that we don’t even consider it an obstacle for deep work and innovation.

We encourage everyone in our collective to escape outside distractions. By working remotely, discussing matters asynchronously, having no meetings sometimes for days and weeks, shutting down Telegram, Slack, and Discord, or just simply going off screen, we quiet our minds and allow ideas to emerge.


Embrace the Uncertainty

Tesla's contributions were not incremental, they were revolutionary. He would harness the energy in the most efficient way in order to deliver remarkable discoveries.

As soon as he found himself in the vicinity of other people who were holding him back, he would move away, as he didn’t want anyone to interfere with his work on remarkable patents. His mind was thirsty for knowledge. Uncertainty was his comfort zone.

Hearing that something is not feasible based on (current) technological limitations is when we get the most excited. In fact, that’s precisely what keeps us on the edge of tech innovations — the edge that we’ve been pushing further and further. Incremental improvements are fine — after all, they keep you moving as well — but striving for something big and revolutionary is what 3327 is about.

We were shaping the concepts of Layer2 when the term Layer1 was not even a thing. We were working on advanced token economic models and governance when ICOs were only starting to pop out. We were applying DAO principles before it was even possible to operate one on a blockchain, let alone give it its own name. We continue to do so while fostering the culture of eagerness to know what is beyond the latest technological innovations. There’s nothing less certain than that.


Have No Empty Shelves

Nikola could use his brilliant mind to memorize entire books and complex images, recite them at will, and store ideas for all of his inventions.

He literally shaped his patents and products this way before putting anything on paper. His shelves were always full of interesting reading materials, as well as failed projects he would get back to at some point in the future again.

We might not be able to memorize entire books, but we have our own ways of keeping track of everything we’ve learned and, even more importantly, sharing it with others. After all, we are a collective, not an individual, so sharing is crucial if we want to keep on growing. Knowledge sharing sessions, covering the latest news from the industry, and demonstrating our work and what we’ve learned are core activities we conduct on a weekly basis.

We’ve chosen to work with cutting-edge technologies, which leads to certain consequences. Most of our experiments won’t solve real-life problems in their early days. So, rather than giving up on them completely, we categorize them on shelves. We’ve promised ourselves that those shelves would always be full of ideas and experiments. And each month, we come back to them to seek new inspiration in pursuit of innovation.


No Obstacle is Large Enough

Tesla faced health issues, poverty, slander, and persecution during his lifetime. He had a hard time in Europe, and his life in the US became even harder later on.

Despite all that, he continued to pursue his crazy ideas, no matter what. His numerous inventions and discoveries offered the potential to revolutionize the world. Once implemented, they did just that.

As with Nikola, the first "no" drives us crazy. The second one puts us back on track. The third "no" gets us even more excited, and the fourth one is when we know we are on the right path, but the time is just not right. That's when we arm ourselves with patience, as we are aware that there will come a time when the world will be ready for those ideas.

“Impossible” is not the term we use at 3327. Ain’t no mountain high enough over here! What we do use is “not possible YET.”. Eventually, we will climb all the mountains in the Web3 space. Once we’re done, we will do it again and again in pursuit of additional discoveries, since new mountains pop up every second.


Go Into the Wild Even if They Don’t Want You to

If Tesla had listened to others about what he should do, he would have kept digging trenches until the end of his life.

Had he listened to Edison, he would have never invented AC. If Nikola had followed the advice of investors and focused on practical and profitable innovations, he would have never built Wardenclyffe Tower or experimented with wireless power transmission. Greedy bastards simply didn’t want him to invent something they couldn’t capitalize on.

Get out and show the world what you have, no matter what anyone says! Preach your ideas, even though others might think they sound silly, unfeasible, or unprofitable.

We know this is easier said than done — frankly, it's something that is still challenging for us as well. However, we’ve committed ourselves to sharing everything we are doing no matter how unprepared we think our experiments are. Of course, we could try to polish an idea over and over again. But the question is — why? For whom?


What do we teach ourselves?
Seek perfection of character
Be humble towards knowledge, respect work ethics, and promote personal contribution.
Be faithful
Believe in the power to innovate and change the world.
Endeavor to excel
Strive for perfection in your work and the work of the team.
Respect others
There are no bad ideas, and every team member is precious, don’t behave like an alpha geek.
Do good
We aim to support the community and change the world for the better.

Be sensei. Be Tesla. Be sensei. Be Tesla.

Be sensei. Be Tesla. Be sensei. Be Tesla.


Still unsure what the heck we are talking about?
We are 3327. We do not assimilate, but resistance to change is most definitely futile.

Welcome to the lab where we experiment with the building blocks for the web of tomorrow.
  • We are a DAO digital collective of 10+ people.
  • Our team consists of engineers, researchers, and designers.
  • Our name, 3327, is inspired by the most badass geek, Nikola Tesla, and the room he used to live in.
  • We may not be as badass as him, but we love to collaborate with badass people, so drop us a message.
  • We research blockchain technology in all shapes and forms.
  • We also work on building and improving the foundation of Web3.
  • We do this mainly by experimenting in the field of tooling and infrastructure.
  • All of our team members are focused on learning and innovation first — like we’ve said, business comes second.