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      It was a blast!

      Web 3.0 Summer Camp

      The First Regional Web 3.0 Challenge Program is officially over!

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      Once in a summertime opportunity to learn about blockchain.

      We’ve created a Summer Camp Program, offering an all-round Web 3.0 experience for both newbies and technology enthusiasts.

      Summer Camp consisted of three biweekly challenges custom-tailored for small but agile ready-to-rock teams.

      We provided mentorship support through additional learning materials and consultancies.

      By the end of the program, Summer camp participants created various blockchain projects that enrich their portfolios.

      We’ve prepared amazing rewards for the contestants!

      Each challenge has had a prize pool, meaning that any team could win up to three rewards, one for each challenge.

      The winning crew in each challenge received 3000 EUR, second place 1500 EUR, and third 500 EUR. All rewards have been paid out in cryptocurrencies.

      dApp on the Ethereum Blockchain

      During the first two weeks, you will have a chance to work on the dApp that supports sending and accepting crypto, keeping track of the events on the blockchain by interacting with nodes, and creating a user-friendly UI that will include those functionalities.

      And yes, like for each challenge, decisions you make while shaping the product should be based on the facts and insights you’ll gather from your target audience, research, and benchmarks.

      As a part of the crew working on this challenge, you will:

      • Develop first smart contracts using Solidity or Vyper, test them and deploy on Ethereum testnet.
      • Work in IDEs for blockchain development.
      • Research the OpenZeppelin smart contracts libraries.
      • Use blockchain frameworks such as Truffle, Hardhat, etc.
      • Interact with blockchain nodes such as Infura, Alchemy, etc.
      • Explore famous dApps and shape your product based on the collected information and research.
      • Create user-friendly UI in preferred framework display (read) some data from the deployed smart contract.
      • Use web3 libraries such as web3.js, ethers.js, Embark, Typechain, etc.
      • Come up with branding, logo, and typography.
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      Extended dApp

      The second challenge includes new functionalities that allow users to send any asset they possess and enable recipients to receive only the ones they want. You’ll make sure that this is possible by swapping different kinds of ERC-20 tokens under the hood and utilizing some of the 3rd party protocols that can help you and your team solve this challenge. This is also the first step when you’ll spice things up by adding NFTs to your solution.

      As a part of the crew working on this challenge, you will:

      • Continue working with chosen languages, frameworks, and libraries.
      • Develop more complex smart contracts.
      • Use oracle protocols such as Chainlink and Band.
      • Interact with DeFi protocols such as Uniswap and 1inch.
      • Extend UI from the first challenge and connect with different types of wallets to fully interact with deployed contract (write data on the chain).
      • Improve user experience.
      • Work on NFT standards and implement them into your solution.
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      dApp on the Layer 2 solution

      Layer2 solutions are on 🔥 and there is no chance that we can skip them in our challenges. It’s time for you to play and start with innovations. Hence, as a part of this challenge, you will choose one of the L2 solutions and continue building on it. Besides moving your infrastructure, you will develop the best solution for the users to move their funds from the Ethereum chain to the Layer 2 solution as you chose.

      Additionally, the very persistent ones will step further and employ the collected funds by utilizing some of the L2 yield farming protocols.

      As a part of the crew working on this challenge, you will:

      • Deploy smart contracts on the L2 solution as per our choice.
      • Explore and define better UI & UX for the L2 bridge.
      • Create a bridge within your application.
      • Interact with L2 DeFi protocols.
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      Want to build something?

      Even though Summer Camp is over, there’s always an opportunity to collaborate with our open-minded developers on building Web3 product.

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      A small glimpse of what
      participants experienced during this Summer Camp.

      Web 3.0 Experience

      Amazing opportunity to go down the rabbit hole aka Web 3.0 World.

      By the end of the program, Summer camp participants created various blockchain projects that enrich their portfolios.

      Mentor support

      We provided mentorship support to each individual and every team on a Summer camp.

      Through mentoring we made sure that every participant receives education about best practices, procedures, and tools for building innovative products.


      Each challenge brought a reward. In cryptocurrencies, of course.

      Winners received money and fame! The rest, well just the money.

      Unforgettable Summer

      An opportunity to get to know some of the best and brightest minds in the industry, work from anywhere in the world, hear a bunch of “I nearly became a millionaire” stories, and generally feel like they’re a part of something new and exciting.

      Don’t grieve. Maybe Summer Camp is over, but winter is coming. You should be prepared. We don’t want to brag, but our internship program could do just that. Don’t forget to check it.

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