Crypto Trophies

​​Crypto Trophies is an employee recognition tool offering unique badges (NFTs) for company promotions, employee growth, scoreboards within the organization, work anniversaries, peer recognition, etc.

We designed and developed this tool for the needs of our collective, and hopefully, someone else will find it useful as well.

Smart Contract Vulnerabilities Database

​​Smart contract attacks and security issues can lead to extreme potential losses. During the last couple of years, we witnessed numerous hacks with hundreds of millions exploited.

Considering both the difficulty of upgrading contracts and high exploit risk, smart contract developers must be highly cautious when importing 3rd party contracts.

With this project, our aim was to help the community gather all the vulnerabilities in one place and share them with others so we can all be more cautious and risk-aware.


​​Bizzllet is the one-stop solution for all crypto business needs. We called it “PayPal for crypto” before PayPal announced they would enter the crypto market after years of actively denying it (and as of today, they still haven’t delivered anything).

It is imagined as a platform that will bring business users new opportunities to seamlessly store, manage, integrate, and distribute a company's cryptocurrency portfolio across multiple wallets with different integrations to meet the business needs.

NFT Wrapper

​​For a while, we were researching one of the biggest challenges in the NFT world — the problem of defining the priceT of an NFT and making the entire market more liquid.

That’s why we experimented with NFT Wrapper, a tool that supports the process of wrapping fungible (ERC-721) tokens and minting their non-fungible (ERC-20) representations. Yes, we know that there are plenty of similar solutions nowadays, but at the time we were building this one, we were one of the few.


​​CryptoTimer is the last line of defense against losing long-time access to your funds. It enables users to choose assets (fungible or non-fungible) that will be sent to fallback address(es) after a set period if they lose access to their accounts.

This is especially useful in case you want to secure your crypto assets by enabling your loved and trusted ones to access them in case you cannot for any potential reason. With this project, we’ve also become Chainlink Keeper’s selected partners.

Substrate Blockchain Starter Kit

We’ve partnered with Web3 Foundation and Polkadot to design and develop a tool that brings the simplicity of creating a blockchain to another level!

By dragging and dropping pallets to a codebase, anyone can have a customized blockchain deployed in less than a minute. Fun, educational, and above all — the first user-friendly blockchain wizard builder!