Stealth DEX PoC L2

​​Stealth DEX is an L2 order-book-based spot trading exchange protocol built on top of Ethereum and Loopring. DEX uses zk-proofs to validate all trades on the Ethereum mainnet, thus effectively deriving security from it.

It uses a "Volition'' approach (hybrid on-chain/off-chain data storage). The flexibility of "Volition'' still allows users to maintain the highest level of security by enabling them to store the data on the Ethereum mainnet (just like they do with "Rollups") or locally, using their storage.

MACI Pallet

​​Any kind of democratic environment can face various problems, such as bribery, private key selling, physical threats, and similar. To prevent these issues from occurring — or at least, try to thwart them — we’ve decided to develop an MACI substrate pallet (Minimum Anti-Collusion Infrastructure).

It will be implemented in the form of another pallet, which will be plugged into the main quadratic funding pallet. We have done the research and initial tech discovery, so we are looking forward to engineering it soon.