Crypto Gift Cards

​​Crypto Gift Cards is a tool for creating gift cards topped up with crypto. It is also a simple way to introduce someone to the world of cryptocurrencies.

We’ve heard so many times that people who want to give their crypto away struggle to do so. That’s why we’ve designed a tool that primarily saves the giver’s time while also improving the onboarding experience for someone claiming a gift card.


​​Another subset of the Bizzllet platform, Givellet simplifies crypto donations for non-crypto users with a primary focus on increasing adoption. The idea of developing it came to us after we faced the not-so-good experience of donating crypto to charities and other Web2 organizations.

That’s when we decided to take the problem into our own hands and make a challenge out of it. The first step was safari research, the second was user interviews, the third was design prototype, and now we are in the process of developing it.


​​BizzSwap (tool) is a subset of Bizzllet (platform) — a simple, decentralized, and secure solution for generating crypto invoices and making payments.

It enables two parties to agree on the counter value in FIAT currency that has to be sent and allows both sender and recipient to choose which token they want to send and which one they want to receive without any interdependence. This ultimately speeds up the whole process of paying in crypto and makes it more humane.


​​CryptoTimer is the last line of defense against losing long-time access to your funds. It enables users to choose assets (fungible or non-fungible) that will be sent to fallback address(es) after a set period if they lose access to their accounts.

This is especially useful in case you want to secure your crypto assets by enabling your loved and trusted ones to access them in case you cannot for any potential reason. With this project, we’ve also become Chainlink Keeper’s selected partners.