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      Join us on Web 3.0 adventure!

      We are looking for young innovators, ready to push the boundaries of innovation.

      work with us

      We are looking for top students to join our crew during the summer!

      If Unstructured Storage Proxies or Bloom filters ring a bell you should ping us, even if you don't have experience.

      You will get the chance to work on interesting innovative projects with experienced blockchain professionals and show off your skills.

      Who knows, maybe there is even a position waiting for someone like you.

      What Are we Looking For

      We’re looking for people with a startup mentality directed towards difficult engineering problems (on different levels of abstraction, from cryptocurrency wallets, over NFTs, to blockchain nodes) and finding solutions for those problems in the form of tools or services.


      • You know the direction in which you want to grow. There are two engineering directions to pursue:
        • If NFTs, AMMs, Uniswap, Solidity, EIP1559 ring a bell then you should consider developing in an applicative direction.
        • If Geth, Golang, Polygon/Matic node, zk-Snark circuits are your cup of tea, then you should consider developing in service direction.
      • Innovation and experiments are your primary driver for doing things.
      • You are a self-driven individual capable of comprehending the problems and offering potential solutions on your own.

      Application Process

      Application process is pretty straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step explanation:

      • Contact us through contact form. Select “Summer Camp Application” as a reason for getting in touch.

        In the application send us your CV and some of the projects you’ve worked on (it doesn’t have to be professional, you can send something you did as a hobby). You can also share your GitHub. In the message you can tell us more about yourself, your motivation, and technologies you’re interested in.
      • Those applicants that meet the criteria listed above will receive an entry assignment based on the technology they would like to use during internship. For example, if you selected Solidity, you’ll receive an entry assignment in Solidity.
      • If you successfully complete the assignment, we will invite you to an interview for 3327 summer camp.

      Things You’ll Probably Want to Know:

      Remotely. But we have an office in Maršala Birjuzova 45, right in the centre of Belgrade.

      Web 3.0 experiments, mainly with blockchain technology. We’re working on a dozen of projects simultaneously, so things are never really boring around here.

      You’ll work closely with our top engineers. You won’t have a classical mentor to guide you - you’ll have a team of people you can rely on and ask anything. The key is in proactivity and curiosity - that is expected out of each 3327 member.

      We have flexible work hours and you’ll be able to choose the most suitable time for you to do the work.

      Yes. Every intern hired will receive a salary for the duration of the program.

      Absolutely! There is nothing we like more than offering a job to the young and prospective minds, because that’s exactly what drives innovations forward.

      What is Web 3.0?

      Web 3.0 is a term used to refer to the next generation of the World Wide Web. Similar to Web 2.0 that started out from the idea of sharing information in an open network, Web 3.0 is focused on decentralization and building a fairer and more resilient Internet.

      Web 3.0 or “Web of Data” as some prefer to call it will ultimately be a network that can automatically interpret, combine, and use information to provide users with a highly interactive experience while bringing power (and data) back to the people.


      One of the main pillars of Web3 is Blockchain. In short, it’s a decentralized database that records information in so-called blocks, linking and protecting them using cryptography.

      The information is constantly rechecked in the database, and stored in decentralized nodes across the world. That means the records are public and verifiable. Since it’s decentralized (there’s no central server that holds the data), it is harder to hack. This is the reason why some refer to blockchain as a distributed world computer.

      Why Blockchain Engineering?

      #1 Reason

      The Web 3.0 is one of the most dynamic and exciting fields there is, offering a lot of freedom for personal growth and development. The new way of thinking helps us come with innovative products, business models, and ways for collaboration.

      No. of companies that see their current business model as being at risk of being disrupted.

      No. of companies that consider future success to be very dependent on innovation.

      No. of companies that have not defined innovation as a strategic priority.

      #2 Reason

      The demand for Blockchain and Web 3.0 engineers in general is far greater than supply. The employer interest and number of job ads is skyrocketing. And the entire industry is expected to grow more than 5 times by 2025.

      Blockchain engineer

      Security engineer

      Embedded engineer

      Data engineer

      Back-end engineer

      Ml engineer

      Mobile engineer

      #3 Reason

      Blockchain engineers on average are earning 30% more than their colleagues in other industries. The insatiable market made Blockchain developers the second highest-paying software dev role, only a bit shorter than gaming developers.

      Average Software Developer Salary

      Average Blockchain Developer Salary

      How to become a Blockchain Engineer?

      First thing first - you’ll need to learn the basics of web development so that you could enter the blockchain world easily.

      Next, you should get to know Blockchain terminology and technology. There’s a great article with resources to get started, you should check it out. As a plus, it was written by someone like you, our intern colleague.

      When you are familiar with blockchain, you should get some hands-on experience. And where better than with a Web 3.0 technology incubator dedicated to developing all kinds of innovative ideas?