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    Get in touch!

      about us.

      We're experimenting with Web 3.0 technologies.

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      What are we looking for

      - Solutions to the problems we face as a community gathered around a new Web.

      - Better understanding of the technology, its capabilities, and ways we can use it to make progress.

      - New ideas that can propel Web 3.0 forward.

      Join this forward-thinking, tall and
      handsome crew!

      The worst thing that can happen is we mess everything up and
      epically fail.

      We believe in

      Collaboration and teamwork.

      They greatly contribute to learning and growth.


      We see blockchain as an enabler of decentralization ideas.

      Open standards and knowledge sharing.

      We are enthusiastic about learning and are looking to foster a life-long learning process.

      Our values

      Stake in the game over consulting

      Change over progress

      Utility over beauty

      Speed over consistency

      Idea over realisation

      Iteration over perfection